Weekly 3-Item Special


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We have a special treat for you this week: vegan sushi! This is because a new Japanese mini-grocery (JaPantry) has opened in our neighbourhood so of course I’ve been creating vegan versions of the most common sushi fish and making sushi all the time, and it’s so good that I have to share it with you!

Each special this week will have four different sushi rolls, all maki rolls (with the seaweed wrapper on the outside) because they’re very much easier to deliver than other styles.

1. Ahi Roll: Tuna

2. Sake Roll: Salmon

3. Unagi Roll: Barbecue Eel

4. California Roll: Crab With Avocado

NOTE: Almost everything else we deliver can be frozen but the sushi you should eat in a couple days. Not that this will be a problem – no way something this good could last that long!

This week’s special is available for order until Tuesday, December 12, so order soon! And don’t forget to pick your delivery day and time on the checkout page.

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The week beginning when we put out our next special (on the 17th of December) will be our last week of delivery until the New Year. We’re going to do our famous vegan tourtiere in that special though, so get ready to jump on that one!