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This Week’s 3-Item/$20 Special

Dear friends,

Velovegan is back in business! As most people reading this will know, two weeks ago I had surgery to donate a kidney to my father. It went great! My dad is home from the hospital and doing really well, and I’ve recovered so quickly the surgeon who did the operation thinks I’m a bit of a freak. Does my amazing vegan food account for this? Or the ten thousand kilometers I put in on the bike each year? Well, I’m sure neither of these things held me back and I’m really glad to be cooking again because I’ve been getting really bored!

Herbed Chicken!

I still won’t be doing deliveries for a couple weeks. I’m feeling well enough to do it, but the doctors say I shouldn’t and I respect these doctors because my life was in their hands and they did a great job; so I’m going to do what they say. So my friend Smitty, the crème de la crème of Toronto bike couriers, is going to be doing the velovegan deliveries until I’m 100%. He’s twice as fast as me so your food will never be late.

To make things simple for both Smitty and I for the next couple weeks we’re going to just have one delivery day: Tuesday (which has become by far the busiest day anyhow so hopefully it’ll be convenient most of you). I’m probably not going to bother changing the ‘select a date and time’ thing on the order form because every time I change the code I mess it up, so please just select Tuesday.  Some people won’t read this or will forget, but don’t worry, I’ll just write you to sort it out. We’ll be back to the Tuesday-Friday delivery soon.

Our first special of the one-kidney era is a beauty. Check it out make an order!


  1. Beef and Bean Burritos: our perfect vegan beef, homemade refried beans, homemade vegan cheese, rice, onions, and salsa. My personal favourite.
  2. Herbed Chicken Breasts: a lovely blend of herbs and spices make a very tasty crust for our vegan chicken.
  3. Sliced Pork: smokey, tender, and delicious. You can incorporate our vegan pork into your cooking in infinite ways.

I’m so excited to be cooking for you all again! Have a great week,



Here are some photos from the epic bike trip to Kingston for the surgery:

Riding into Port Hope

My great friends Tino and David rode with me to Port Hope. Thank you guys!

We rescued two turtles who were trying to cross the road along the way.

Kingston Population: 124 001

My father and I the day after the surgery.