Weekly 3-Item Special




Each week we offer a set of three different delicious vegan meats for only $20. It’s quite the deal! As my lady randomly bought a giant tub of mushrooms yesterday, this week is our Mushroom Special!

This week’s special:

1) Beef & Mushroom Pot Pies: The #1  all-time customer favourite! Our delicious vegan beef with mushroom, onion, and fresh herbs in a lovely pie. Two pot pies per order!

2) Mushroom Burgers: our vegan ground beef with finely-chopped mushrooms and a perfect blend of spices.

3) Bratwurst Sausages: These are for when you feel like you’ve had enough mushrooms and want to change it up.

One of our Pot Pies. You get two per order! Thanks to Captain Paul for the great pie photograph.

This week’s special will be available to order until Friday April 19. Don’t forget to pick your preferred delivery day and time on the checkout page.

Have a good week,