Weekly 3-Item Special




Dear Customers and Friends,

Thank you for the years of kind support, friendship, and the dozens of beer tips, none of which will be forgotten. I’ve loved having this business and serving you and getting to know so many of you well enough to call close friends.

Now, for diverse but amazingly compelling reasons, we are moving to Montreal, and between now and mid-May will be occupied with finding a new home and workspace.

In June we’ll be back in Toronto and will be offering our products here for one more month, then in July we’ll be moving permanently to Montreal.

We were expecting to continue business as usual for a few more weeks but the necessary tasks of preparing to move have made us change this plan.

Thank you again very much for your business and your support! I hope we will see you again in June, or at some point in Montreal!

I intend to put together a goodbye party in June and will invite everyone on this mailing list. It will be great to see you. And there will be vegan meat door prizes!

Best wishes always,


p.s. All customers who’ve prepaid for orders will receive refunds by tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll be in touch directly with any customers having outstanding gift cards or store credit. If you don’t hear from my by Friday please send me a note point out that I’ve missed you and I’ll take care of it right away.