Weekly 3-Item Special


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Pick up one of our weekly specials and enjoy delicious food all week at a great price! And we’ve got a brand new, never-done-before item in our special this week that you’ll want to try:

  1. NEW!! Vegan Steaks: I’ve been working on creating the perfect vegan steak for a long time and I’m proud to say that it’s finally ready for you to try! These steaks are cooked to your taste, medium rare to well done, on a grill, pan, or barbecue. Yet another awesome velovegan meat invention!
  2. Herbed Chicken: Our delicious vegan chicken breaded with a special blend of herbs and spices. Or, as I know some of you prefer the chicken plain (with no herbs and spices), please write that in the “customer notes” bit on the checkout if you’d prefer the plain chicken.
  3. Sliced Ham: Smokey, savoury vegan ham.

This week’s special is available for order until Tuesday, November 21, so order soon! And don’t forget to pick your delivery day and time on the checkout page.

Our Herbed Chicken! (sauce and biscuit not included but I’ll give you the recipes if you ask)

NOTES: I don’t want to forget to remind you that our vegan Bratwurst, Hot Italian Sausages, BBQ beef, Montreal Smoked Meat, Herbed Chicken, and Beef and Mushroom pies are available at Victoria Whole Foods (1450 Gerrard East), for the same price as if you bought it right from our website. Thank you for buying so many of our meats there – I had to replenish the stock twice last week!

Have a great week,