Weekly Special


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Product Description

Each week we put together a package of three delicious items for our $20 special. It’s quite the deal! You can get the special and add on your favourite items from our a la carte menu too.

Here’s our special this week:

  1. Schnitzels
  2. Montreal Smoked Meat
  3. Chicken Wings

This week’s special will be available to order until Tuesday, March 20. Don’t forget to pick your preferred delivery date and time on the checkout page.


  • I’ll be delivering another large order of Velovegan meats to The Grocery Outlet (1150 Sheppard Ave West) this week. Lots of chicken things: jerk chicken, thai curry chicken, herbed chicken, boring plain chicken, chicken wings. Also a couple non-chicken things. I’ll probably be dropping by there two or three times during the week to replenish their stock, with the first delivery being tomorrow morning.

Have a good week,